Dimitar Mihaylov

Dimitar Mihaylov

Greetings, pleasure to meet you here.

My name is Dimitar, born and currently living in sunny Bulgaria 🇧🇬.

I'm a fitness engineer, strength training and nutrition coach, fitness business consultant, but first and foremost - a husband and father.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Or write an email.

Fitness engineer?

I guess it sounds weird, but is really not.

My journey in the health & fitness world started more than 18 years ago. Helping people and solving their problems turned into my hobby and passion for quite a while.

As someone who got his first computer at the age of 4, it's no surprise that PCs took a serious part of my life. I have a computer science degree and even spent a few years as a software engineer.

Yet, living in the fitness industry for so long, knowing how many problems are there to solve, I decided to use the engineering approach and switch careers.

And that's how Dimitar, the fitness engineer, came up.

Fitness coaching

I founded my company BB-Team in 1999. It started as a community website and turned into a coaching business later on.

I have an exceptional team and we aim to do what's best for you, as professional as possible. Simply said, we take your money in exchange of results, not hopes.

Fitness business consulting

With over a decade of fitness business ownership under my belt, I believe I know a thing or two about it, especially on markets in CEE.

Family first

It may sound like a cliché, but it's not. Just the core value of mine.

I'm married to Darina. We have two sons, Dimitar Jr and Victor. You can probably find us in the near LEGO store, arguing wether I should buy yet another set.

Speaking of which, good to note that I'm serious LEGO collector with over 150 sets and 500 minifigures (and counting).

Contact me

I'm always happy to talk to or work with new people.

Please, feel free to say "hi" on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Or write an email.